Efforts to Improve Public Transport and Roads

I agree that the government should spend more money on improving public transportation because transportation has an important function in the city. But anyway negatif transport impact on the environment such as congestion and pollution. How do I get transportation to run smoothly in supporting community activities but does not cause any harm, especially in the field of environmental harm and economic. Government policy is the key to this problem.

As the largest and most populous metropolitan cities in Southeast Asia, Jakarrta inhabited by around eight million people with all the problems. the main problem of transportation in the capital is congestion and air pollution. Easy and cheap to make public use of private cars in Jakarta prefer private vehicles in performing daily activities

Jakarta does not have a pattern of integrated transport networks, public transport is very poor condition than the state of public transport is less unsightly, too uncomfortable and unsafe. Communities prefer to use private vehicles especially with the easy people to have a personal vehicle. The use of private vehicles deemed more efficient and practical.

In solving this problem in the first transport, Jakarta must have an efficient land use and has a compact city concept. Thus, the movement of people to work and other business needs to do in the area as well with a shorter trip so do not waste energy. Second, the use of private vehicles limited in the variety of regulations, restrictions or taxes that binds so as to make the volume of traffic is reduced. Third, improving the quality and quantity of bulk transportation services. In this case as well as public transport more given the right to the use of roads. Travel with public transport will be more secure, convenient, inexpensive, and efisen so that people would prefer to use public transport rather than private vehicles.


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