I think if there are foreign visitors to Indonesia in one day, and where visitors should go on that day, I suggest going to the area of ​​Bandung in West Java, why?
Because there are many attractions that can be visited, for example in Cihampelas, Braga, Bandung Cibaduyut very famous tourist spot in the city of Bandung. Find many factory outlets here. Want to find a place Cihampelas clothes. Various types of clothing, especially jeans this type can be purchased here. Jalan Braga region while there are many entertainment venues, cafes, bakeries, souvenir shops to the Hotel Savoy Homann’s famous. Cibaduyut known as a shoe sales. Want to find the latest models of shoes here place.



There are also at Dago Thee Huis Huis Dago Thee is a cultural park in West Java which is located in the north of the city of Bandung. This place has a covered open-air theater and theater for cultural performances and art in the area of ​​Bandung. In addition to enjoying the theater, visitors can also enjoy the atmosphere of the sprawling city of Bandung with twinkling lights at night, causing a distinctive atmosphere for the audience.


In addition to the holidays can also Kawah Putih is located in the south of Bandung, within 46 miles or 2.5 hours from Bandung to gate to the location kawah.Daripintu signed up to the crater is approximately 5 km or can be taken about 20 minutes. Through the paved road winding with a view of the natural forest with diverse species of plants. White crater is located in a mountain called Mount Patuha.Dahulu times, people assume that the crater is haunted because many birds die instantly through this crater.


Then denied even this belief, when in 1837 a Dutch scientist Dr German. Franz Wilhelm Junghun who is also a Dutch planters who love nature conservation research and found that awesomeness is not caused by the lava bursts of sulfur . when the discovery of this fact people are not interested to make this place as a tourist attraction. Only after PT Perhutani developed in 1987, used a white crater area attractions in West Java. The water in the volcanic crater is in addition to the bright color of the water and also always fluctuate. This is what eventually became the main attraction. the surface of the crater is generally rocky and sandy white.

so that the crater was later known as the white crater. Some researchers say that Patuha still active, so found some craters are still turbulent jets. Also found near this place a 5-meter-deep cave that had been used as a sulfur mine. I wonder if some steamy crater suddenly lot, and visitors found coughing from inhaling air that smelled of sulfur is very sharp.

The beauty of the White crater lake, is very enchanting and amazing. Plus really cool temperature all day (temperatures about 8-22 degrees Celsius). Perhaps because the crater is situated on a mountain with an elevation of approximately 2.434m above sea level. In fact, if you already know the wonders of nature, it would have said no a beautiful crater Kawah Putih. Because of its natural beauty, is often used as a place Kawah Putih Photo prawedding (very much), filming movies and soap operas. Even today in London and surrounding kota2 also, if anyone want pictures prawedding, white crater will always be the first choice. The beauty of white crater is difficult words disclosed. Come and enjoy yourself  .. Guaranteed you will definitely be amazed. There are even some articles about white craters that I have ever read on the internet, assume it’s the beauty of the white crater “scattered like Heaven”.

On the way to the crater, we will pass the interesting objects such as old railway, yellow rice, green tea gardens and pine forests and wide. In keeping with the white crater paths you can go on to Situ Patenggang or camping to Ranca Upas, which is also a deer, or a swim in the pool hot water bath. Ciwidey road from the highway to the parking area near the crater, was slightly damaged, but that did not deter visitors Kawah Putih to come there. From day to day visitors continues to crowd out and multiply. Perhaps because cool walk not feel it’s late, do not worry, here are many available that you can rent accommodation to stay. Going home from the crater or white do not forget to stop at the strawberry farm in the Rancabali. There you can pick their own fruit tuk brought home.

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