the positive impact of computer use

I  agree with the opinion that computers have made life easier and more convenient because it can simplify and shorten the work we do in a time efficient. Every job now definitely need a computer, a computer we can get the information more quickly, shorten and facilitate us in looking for broader information
In using the computer we can streamline the time because of multitasking and multiprocessing capabilities of data more quickly so it is easy to do any of our work. So it was not too difficult for us to do the job using a computer.
In doing our work definitely requires confidentiality of documents that can not be read by another company, the computer was able to maintain the confidentiality of a document so that the document is not published. In performing a computer task can help us correct the mistakes that we make that easier for us than we do the wrong results
If I got the job and was given a short time, I can not rely on the ability of my own. By using a computer that can help me ease my task easier for searching for data and more information to make more time efficient. Sometimes in doing the task, I want to keep my data being published to others, the computer data I could kept confidential

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