Grades (Marks) Encourage Student to Learn

I agree if the grade is to encourage students to learn because I think that without a ‘grade’, then we do not know the extent of one’s understanding of a subject matter that he had received. ‘grade’ is a measure of the number assigned to map the extent to which a person understands a subject in the subject matter that he received. Seduction with good grades, it can motivate students to study harder in order to achieve maximum grade, the better the grade of the will make students more aware of the extent to which the achievement of the expected grade.

To get better grades than before. the student was supposed to learn without having to be glued with the value, but the grade is to make students more motivated to fix the grade of the previous bad to better. Indeed Schools now have outlined the problem only to find something no matter how much it priceless in everyday life. So indeed, the school is now as rote without touching directly on reality

I had previously been getting a bad grade in one subject, because I do not like the subject,

but one day, a lecturer in the making of seduction will add grade to the previous grade of I C to B on condition that had to do the tasks assigned by the lecturer , therefore I am motivated to learn, to love learning and know where my mistake before, and therefore the grade of I can be better than ever and with the grade that improved my performance index


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